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Valhalladrol-Prohormone-Fullsterkur Viking Supps
Valhalladrol-Prohormone-Fullsterkur Viking Supps


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Valhalladrol is a TRUE hormone precursor containing 200mg of Epiandrosterone per capsule, ultimately converting to the male hormone DHT (which is 5x more potent than testosterone.)  

You can expect amazing strength gains, muscle size, fat loss, and a hardener look to your body.

Valhalladrol is a "dry" compound meaning you do not have to worry about it converting to estrogen (no man boobs to worry about, no water retention).

In fact it will actually "dry" you out and making you more ripped and hard looking.

Valhalladrol is also non methylated meaning it should not damage your liver like prohormones of the past.

For the first time users we only recommend a 4 week cycle (1 full bottle)

PCT is highly recommended - After your cycle we recommend taking our Alpha Viking - Testosterone Booster, Strength Elixir - Deer Antler IGF-1 Spray, and most importantly our Viking Shield - PCT Post Cycle Therapy. To keep as much gains as possible and boost back your natural levels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Solid gains

Really enjoy the gains and pump from this. Cardio is through the roof as well.. Definitely recommend.

Talk about energy!

Product works fantastic i lift for an hour and cardio for 20 in 2 1/2 weeks i have gained a ton of strength and i could lift all day long. Now the downers. I cant sleep. Its a struggle to get a good nights sleep im a 9 pm guy now it's 1-2 in the morning. Only a 4 week cycle so oh well


I have had significant gains since I stared using this product. I feel stronger and my muscle endurance has began to get better. Great product.

Love this stuff

I have so much more energy i feel like i can go harder and longer with my workouts absolutely amazing product

All products!!

Personally I have loved every Viking supps product I’ve used!