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Strength Elixir Deer Antler Velvet IGF-1 Spray

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Strength Elixir contains Deer Antler Velvet Extract and other synergistic ingredients to improve your recovery, muscle building, strength, & energy.

The IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1) found in Deer Antler Velvet is why Strength Elixir is so powerful. Strength Elixir is designed to be taken orally, sprayed under your tongue. 

  • Supports growth of muscle and strength
  • Supports uptake of amino acids into muscle
  • Supports utilization of fat for energy
  • Anti Aging properties
  • Aids recovery time, and helps with joints, tendons, & pain

 'Add to Cart' now and experience the glorious muscle building and recovery! 

Strength Elixir stacks great and is a perfect addition to take with all of our other muscle builders. Or is also perfect to take by it self.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Nate the GAW

Ordered strength elixir for left arm tendon pain. Completely took care of the issue. And at 35, my bedroom drive is like it was in my early twenties, thanks to this product. Great stuff

Andreas Bauman
Shocked at how good this is

Didn’t think this stuff would make a difference but man was I wrong. I definitely feel more focused and between this and alpha Viking I already notice recovery time is drastically shortened.

It Works

I was pretty skeptical about trying this...I'm not against taking supplements, I just didn't think I would be able to tell much of a difference. This stuff does work, though. Within a few days of taking it regularly, I felt stronger, more focused, and just better overall. 10/10 would recommend to anybody.

justin beiner
you make me flex

thia makes me a better man

Robert English

I have a very labor intensive job and use this product 3 to 4 times a day to help with muscle soreness and it seemed to help with maintaining energy throughout my work day with out haveing the jitters or a crash.