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Berserker Energy Drink

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Viking Supps Berserker Energy Drink, Sugar Free, Citrus Cherry Flavor, 12 FL OZ - 12 Pack

Key Ingredients: 

-B Vitamins are essential micronutrients that are required for maintaining normal body functions and help boost energy.

-Electrolytes are important for staying hydrated and improve function. 

-Caffeine the king ingredient for increasing energy.

- Taurine supports your nervous system and reaction time. Also aids with hydration.

-Glucuronolactone for energy, alertness, and to reduce "brain fog".

-Sugar Free, refreshing flavor without all the sugar and calories.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

I have a very high tolerance for caffeine and energy drinks. This energy drink is like none other that I have tried. I used to drink 4 bangs just to get through 1 14hr frac shift. I don't think I could manage that with a berserker despite how much I'd like to because they are delicious. Certainly something I'd buy again and recommend

Best energy drinks ever!!! 1 carb!!!

Love these energy drinks, they're my favorite. Best taste, 0 sugar, 1 carb, totally awesome


The best energy drinks that I have ever had! They gave me energy without a caffeine crash! I would recommend these energy drinks for sure!


Yes I received my order on time
But some of the cases I received
Were not acceptable because the
Cans were dented and I opened
Some and they were flat tasting
Thanks Ernie Marrujo Owner
Next Door Nutrition

Mead of the God’s

This stuff right here is some next level stuff and I was a BANG drinker till I got ahold of this stuff now I made the switch to only this for many reasons but mostly the best you get is amazing without any negative side effects at all no jitters, no crash, all energy all amped and amazing boost to strength doing good guys can't wait to get more!!!