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Beef Jerky

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Viking Supps Premium Beef Jerky, Sweet and Spicy Flavor

3 oz per bag. (Comes as a 3 Pack, 9oz total)

24 grams of protein per bag. (3 servings, 8 grams of protein per serving)

From ancient migrations to modern snacking, meat has helped fuel humankind. Viking Supps Sweet and Spicy Beef Jerky is slowly cooked to perfection.

MADE WITH 100% BEEF: Our Original Beef Jerky starts with carefully selected lean cuts of 100% premium beef. Marinated in our signature blend of herbs and spices and slow roasted.

GOOD SOURCE OF PROTEIN: With 8g of protein and 45 calories per serving, Viking Supps Beef Jerky is a smart way to get your protein when you need it most.

GOES WHERE YOU GO: Stock the pantry, throw it in the snack drawer or collect them in the center console of the car — this snack-drawer-savvy item is ready-to-eat whenever and wherever you are.

Customer Reviews

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Pleasantly surprised!

I got the sweet and spicy 3 pack and was rather surprised at how good it was. The heat is just noticeable but not terrible at all. The sweet flavor is really good teriyaki but not overpoweringly so. It’s a definitely good gym snack to take for leg day when you have nothing else to bite down on when you’re finishing the last shit inducing dead lift set.