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Viking Shield


Viking Shield is our all natural post cycle therapy product (PCT). 

Viking Shied supports liver health, natural testosterone production, and estrogen balance. 

After taking our Valhalladrol or any "cycle" it is wise and highly recommended to take Viking Shield PCT after.

Viking Shield can also be used by natural athletes as a stand alone product to help lower their estrogen and raise their testosterone naturally. 

We recommend stacking our Alpha Viking Testosterone Booster and Strength Elixir - Deer Antler IGF-1 Spray with Viking Shield PCT for ultimate results. They will help you hold on to your gains from your cycle by boosting back your natural levels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great product that keeps the body nice

I like it a lot, this is a first to using a product like this and I like it a lot. My body feel like a temple taking this

Andreas Bauman
Phenomenal product!

I couldn’t give better reviews for any of these products. It’s nice to have stuff that you know gets the job done, is high quality, and isn’t gear. Plus, the theme is so damn metal I can’t get enough.

Wilton Bunn
Viking shield strong

Great to take after cycle, stack Alpha Viking and IGF-1 Strength Elixir and you can't go wrong.

Shawn lucio
A must for after battle

This stuff right here has made series impacts on my recovery. Without this I would be dead the next day after a hard push workout but when I turned around and tried it for even the first day after a hard workout I woke up probably 70% less sore than I would without it. By far the best recovery stack on the market!!!

Earl Hadsall Hadsall
Love my order

Awesome stuff I would recommend it to my friends and family