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Berserker Energy Drink

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Viking Supps Berserker Energy Drink, Sugar Free, Citrus Cherry Flavor, 12 FL OZ - 12 Pack

Key Ingredients: 

-B Vitamins are essential micronutrients that are required for maintaining normal body functions and help boost energy.

-Electrolytes are important for staying hydrated and improve function. 

-Caffeine the king ingredient for increasing energy.

- Taurine supports your nervous system and reaction time. Also aids with hydration.

-Glucuronolactone for energy, alertness, and to reduce "brain fog".

-Sugar Free, refreshing flavor without all the sugar and calories.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
John Douglas
Great buy and great taste

Bought my berserker energy to try was pleasantly surprised by how good it was great value for what you get. Hopefully they add more flavors in the future to add to their amazing products. But overall 10/10 would buy again

Classic Taste without the Classic Nasty

Best way to describe the flavor, is that of the gateway drinks from the early 00's, but with modern improvements. No crash, and helps keep me going through the day

Daniel Johnson
Great all around!

Great taste, great feeling. Keeps me focused for gaming after work.

Andrew Colin
A Great Buy

Awesome to have some of these in the fridge for short notice energy needs and they taste awesome!

Jayden Downs

I would love to see more flavors come out and maybe a little more caffeine kick for those who need it